Tag's and Compel's

Kyler Steele (Alex)
A: I Pull the Strings
T: When Someone call’s him on it or notices
C: Must meddle in some affair

A: Risky Thinking
T: When in Danger
C: To go about a task by different means

A: Acrobatic Thief
T: Weak
C: To break in

A: Greed’s Right Hand
T: Distracted by something of Greater Value
C: Give in to Greed

Pen’Reail (Chad)
A: Senvu “Swordsman”
T: By Lovers, Former Lovers, and Relatives
C: Code of Honor, Risk my own life for others

A: Athlete
T: Spent too much time in physical training and not enough time with books
C: Always needs to compete, Always Risking Reputation

A: The Beauty of the Beast
T: Because my Face is a Ruin and Displeasing to look on
C: Try to impress others with Wordplay

Sojan (Matt)
A: Bitten by the Fox
T: When someone tries to seduce me
C: To pursue another Obsession

A: Yvtavia “Guardian of the Garter”
T: When she doesn’t want me
C: To take up the defense of a woman or her honor

A: Lover’s Pillow Talk
T: When someone wants to know something I may have told a Lover
C: To share the secrets that my past Lovers have revealed to me

Tshanja (Shelly)
A: Academy Educated
T: Does not know the Real world from the Book World
C: Fascinated by the Unknown

A: Knowledge Conquers Fear
T: Easily Convinced to Search Ruins
C: Blindly face danger for Knowledge

Vrental (Marcus)
A: Romantic
T: Easily Wooed
C: Start a Romance, even if it ends another

A: The Celestial Muse
T: When Risk does not involve Art
C: Ignore Circumstances and Take Notes

A: Hidden Lover
T: When Romance is on the mind
C: Take any Risk to meet with my Romance

A: Word’s Sting More than Blades
T: During Political Risk
C: Provoke Duel of Insults

Tag's and Compel's

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