Facts about the Ransom Note:
  • It is signed by Pen’Real (Pre-determined)
  • The Exchange will occur at a party
  • She is hidden at a puzzle house
  • Count Kether is hosting the party
  • The letter demands the ransom be delivered by Cavala’s mother
  • The party is at the puzzle house she is kept at
  • Part of the Ransom is Shoreline from her Alanya Yvarai province
  • Second Part of the Ransom is Lady Tanith Yvarai gets to decide who Alanya Yvarai marries
  • Lady Tanith Yvarai owns the puzzle house
  • Third Part of the Ransom is a locked box in the possession of Cavala Yvarai is delivered
  • The Party of the Season (Rank 3)
Gift Acquisition Contract
  • Deliver a rank 3 narcotic for the parties gift
  • Two years to deliver three herbs to him
  • The Narcotic is Attar of Poppies
Party Attendance

Pen’Real arrives early, Kyler arrives at the earliest appropriate time, Azoth, Tshanja, Fyx, Theron, Sojan, Uni’Sa, Vrental & Francesca, Aaron, Wyam with Alanya.

Uni’Sa – She acquired it through a private contact, It is a Rank 3 Suit, It is Lavender and silver, while she was obtaining it she found a secret about Wyam, and no one else knows how she acquired the suit. Vrental gives her a rank 1 dagger in a rank 2 sheath as a reward for completing the task.

Vrental dances with his wife impressing many with the most seductive dance of the night which sparks the desire in Uni’Sa.

Uni’Sa responds with a dance with Count Kether. It is the most Beautiful dance that night. Several men ask her to dance she is so busy she doesn’t have any time for Vrental.

Marcus spends 1 style – Theron tries to keep his eyes upon her for the rest of the party.

Pen’Real tasks Tanith with keeping her husband away.

Pen’Real sits with Tshanja at lunch.

Kyler and his wife have a conversation about getting things out of dances, and romances.

Fyx joins Pen’Real and Tshanja at lunch and they determine facts about the puzzle house.

Facts about the Puzzle house:
  • Kether’s mirror came from this puzzle house
  • This ruin was once a temple Talia Yvarai that was defiled.
  • Mirror is a relic of Talia Yvarai
  • The Elk who defiled the Temple was trying to find a way to preserve youth and beauty indefinitely
  • There is rumored to be a hidden door to leading to the temple
  • Style from Chad: (Not publicly known) Count Kether and Tanith are working to restore the temple
Presentation of Gifts (to Kether):
  • Lady Tanith Yvarai – She promises him the item contained in the locked box
  • Alanya Yvarai – Crate of rank 1 foxwine that is missing a few bottles
  • Wyam Burghe – Rank 3 Hat, Deep Crimson with a thin black band
  • Aaron Q’n – The revealing of a rank 3 opera that he is commissioning from Vrental
  • Theron Tammel – Unveils a rank 3 pillow book that glorifies the life of a fictional Count Tehter and Uno’So
  • Pen’Real Sinjin – Presents the corsage and recites a short but ornate poem comparing one of his most recent accomplishments to the beauty of the flower.
  • Vrental Yvarai – His wife gives the suit on their behalf while Vrental reads a poem
  • Tshanja Mwrr – Narcotic, presented in a crystal jar encased in a red velvet box with a glass lid and a dry poppy flower in the lid
  • Fyx Mwrr – Gifts Narcotics
  • Azoth Steele – Relic sacred to Talia Yvarai
  • Uni’Sa Eshu – Gift is her lover’s next task
  • Kyler Steele – The gift is the espionage that he had granted his father
  • Sojan Adrente – Rank 3 Hat, Deep Crimson with a thin black band that is identical to Wyam’s
Contested Beauty risk for poetry/story telling during gift presentation:
  • Kether liked Theron’s the best
  • Pen’Reails Poem was surprisingly moving
  • An Oni’So was written into Kether’s pillow book
  • For the rest of the Party Theron will outshine Vrental
  • Uni’Sa will take offense to Theron’s use of her in the pillow book
  • Aaron enjoys it so much he will commissioning a work from Theron
  • Alanya will do the same, commissioning
  • Aspect is Love is a double edged sword (Rank 3)
    • I: Engage other’s in romance or romance related tasks
    • T: The person you are using trying to romance can use it against you
    • C: Can be compelled to abandon your romance for a political gain
  • Kether is going to declare Theron the guest of honor for tomorrow’s ball
  • Although Alanya has hard feelings about the kidnapping of her daughter, she was so moved by Pen’Reails poem that it makes it difficult for her to stay angry at her
Who took aspect:
  • Sojan
  • Uni’Sa (-1 Style)
  • Alanya
  • Aaron

Theron +6 style Theron +1 style

Dancing: Theron tags the Scene with romantic lighting Vraental and Francesca Tshanja and Theron Sojan and Alanya Pen’Real and Tanith Kyler and Uni’Sa

  • Vreantal’s was the most seductive dance of the night
  • The competitive dance was talked about for the next few nights
  • Pen’real and Tanith don’t notice the other’s dancing at all
  • Alanya tells Sojan she believes her husband sent Wyam to kill their daughter so the ransom won’t have to be paid
  • More eyes watch Tshanja and Theron then there were on anyone else
  • Theron is moved enough to consider starting a romance again
  • Francesca saw Vrental’s eyes following Uni’Sa
  • While most people were distracted by the dancing Count Kether and Wyam had a secret meeting
  • Sojan and Alanya stop dancing part way through the song
  • Uni’Sa now wishes to have a private audience with Vrental
  • Azoth was off to search for Cavala
  • Cavala is well enough hidden that no one will find her this early in the party
  • As the dance nears its end there is lound bang and all of lights go out
  • Wyam and Count Kether disappear in the darkness
While the lights are off:
  • Theron grips Tshanja tightly and says “I will keep you safe”
  • Kether’s personal guard are the ones that killed the lights
  • Tshanja is watching Kyler
  • The locked box was lifted from Alanya

Alanya +1 Style

Kyler and Tshanja end up in Count Kether’s room and no one is there. The box was the most important portion of the ransom. Found in Kether’s Room: Count Kether’s Diary, it is dated up to next season, Cavala survives this party

Vrental makes it to the forth kiss to Uni’Sa. Vrental -1 Style to determine Uni’Sa got a task from Kether to give to him.

In a “safe room”: Francesca Alanya Tanith Pen’Real Sojan

  • No one in the room took the box
  • Francesca overwhelmed by guilt, reveals she was asked to take the box by Azoth and Kyler’s father, to prevent the temple from being restored
  • If Alanya can get the box Tanith will return the right of marriage to her
  • Sojan recalled that he smelled a very distinctive perfume at the time the box disappeared
  • Tanith thinks her husband is involved in the plot to sabotage the ransom
What is in the box:
  • Tanith and Kether think it contains the key to finding temple
  • Only a key from the sorcerer kings can open the box
  • Uni’Sa obtained the box for Itterian Steele
  • It contains the means to restore the temple
  • Kether tells Uni’Sa the next task for her lover Vrental is to retrieve the box and return it to Kether
  • The box contains a shard of the mirror which needs to be restored

Uni’Sa + 1 Style for Alex -1 Style : When leaving Kether’s room he notices him there in funeral garb

Day 3

Wyam tells Kyler that he will release his grudge for breaking his daughters heart in exchange for the Ransom not being paid, by Alanya or Cavala’s death.

Vrental and Pen’Real looking for the box:
  • the box is found in Kyler’s room which is empty
  • On the floor lies the box in a pool of blood
  • on the bed lays a journal entitled Count Kether
  • The room is thoroughly trashed
  • (Alex Style) The box is empty

Pen’Reail looks in the journal to find: The last entry is a carefully worded rant about how Kether is upset because they were able to reform the mirror but still don’t know where the temple is.

Pen’Reail threatens Kyler that if the box is not returned bad things will happen.

Vrental find Kether and Tanith give them the box (no-one notices it is empty).

Pen’Real interrogating Fyx about opening the Box
  • Fyx reveals that he open the box under the cover of darkness
  • and hands it to Pen’Real for fear of being killed

The mirror fragment inflicts a rank 1 injury on any one holding it, who is not a follower of Talia.

Vrental finds Azoth, on the way back they find a room with a semi-transparent wall, which shows Cavala, as they watch Wyam enters the room. Wyam pulls her out of the room and leaves.

Pen’Real and Kether run into Wyam carring Cavala, at the same time Vrental and Azoth.

Azoth charges Wyam. Wyam throws Cavala at him. He can’t catch her, Pen’Real does.

Vrental is inspired by the event to make notes for his masterpiece “Malicon jun VrenTae”

Azoth +1 Style

More Dancing:
  • Most upbeat music since the party started
  • Everyone is moved enough by Vrental and Francesca to dance
  • Cavala requests a second poetry contest
Impromptu poetry Contest
  • Theron woes all of the women present at the same time
  • Theron’s poem is a thinly veiled love poem to Tshanja
  • Tanith, Sojan and Alanya leave after Pen’Reail’s poem
  • Vrental’s poem about saving Cavale upsets Count Kether
  • Fracesca seems surprisingly moved by Theron’s poem
  • Theron decides this in the night to make his move on Francesca
  • After the poetry contest Alanya announces her daughters wedding to beheld here in 6 seasons time

Kyler goes to read the journal and instead finds the plans to get to the temple. It was a blank page his ring bleeding out onto the pages revealed the map.

Uni’Sa rewards Vrental was three pages of Count Kether’s Journal. As well as the Fourth Kiss.

Pen’Reail wins the swordsmanship contest handily. Sojan does not do well. Pen’Reail allows Azoth to look good, but when he does defeat him he does so with a stylish flourish.

Azoth and Kyler
  • Azoth is more apathetic than angry towards his father
  • He is too scared to reveal what he found out to his father
  • He sensed some sort of discent between Kyler and Uni’Sa
  • Azoth thinks he needs to be in his mothers favor to get his father’s favor
  • He thinks he noticed a weakness in you coming to him with this information

Game of Insults between Vrental and Theron is won by Vrental. Theron receives the “Studdering Fool” Aspect at Rank 4.


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