Setup: Invited to the Coming out party of Cavala Yvarai, (Rank 1).

Present at party: Reason invited and gift.
  • Vrental – One of the cousins (on mother’s side) that has favor with Dagul Adrente. Pillow book written him self. “Jun VrenTae” (Of revenge and Romance)
  • Kyler – Invited to provoke his brother into attending. Statue made of red stone found only in the lands of his family.
  • Tshanja – Close friend to Cavala. Ancient Amethysts pendent encased in decorative silver molding
Facts about the party Emara Burghe
  • Is single
  • She is going hard to get
  • She is quick tempered
  • Kyler – Statue of a young girl looking into a pool of water reflecting back the image of a grown woman, carved of a rare red stone found only in Kyler’s families land.
  • Emara – Beautiful red and greed dress
  • Aaron – incomplete copy of an early score of Vrental’s
  • Azoth – Gold ring w/ red stone in red velvet casing – Rank 2
  • Vrental – Jun Vrentai “Of revenge and Romance” Pillow book written by vrental
  • Theron – Copy of song he wrote & sang
  • Count Kether – Crate of rank 1 foxwine
  • Francesca -Rank 1 set of shoes
  • Sojon – Fine pair of long red gloves
  • Uni’Sa – Rank 1 dress <scandalous>

Vrental Yvarai promised Kyler Steele to give a poem to Azoth Steele and if he wins the contest Kyler owes him a favor.

Tshanja Mwrr spends a style to finish the one of the most romantic dances in ven culture with Theron Tammel

Vrental Yvarai gets Azoth Steele to protect his lands from orcs through summer in exchange for the poem.

Kyler Steele steals poem from Azoth Steele while Azoth steals a letter from him and it goes unnoticed.

Sitting at the head table, father, mother and daughter, Azoth, Theron Tammel and Kyler Steele

Kyler Steele finds a copy of the poem but not his wife in his room, Vrental Yvarai meets Uni’Sa Eshu on the balcony and starts a romance. Verntal is the prey and assigns the task of returning poem to Azoth and she may negotiate any price she will.

Cavala’s Garter to Verntal as a task for Uni’Sa

Uni’sa gets a bottle of foxwine from Cavala

  • Vrental – Wooded mask of the fox painted lavandar and trimmed in silver
  • Kyler – Serpent mask that is dark blue with a bit of light green on dark blue robes
  • Cavala – Red and green dress with an elaborate butterfly mask
  • Tshajna – Face painted with makeup to look like a mask
  • Sojan – Red and purple fox mask
  • Uni’Sa – Bear’s mask, green and gold
  • Azoth – dressed to match Cavala

Vrental sneaks out with Uni’Sa from the ball, Theron notices and makes it a goal to break up the romance taking it for himself.

Vrental gains Fox Wine aspect rank one.

Tshajna will not talk of Vrental’s romance in exchange for his negotiating skills next time she needs to enter a contract.

Uni’sa +1 Style

Azoth +2 Style

Therin +1 Style


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