Alvathen Vrentae

Count Kethers Journal

Pages taken from Count Kether’s Journal by Uni’Sa, and given to her Lover, Vrental Yvarai

-In return for a poem delivered from Vrental Yvarai I agreed to help Quell Trouble in 1-2 of his Regions until the end of winter (Autumn/Winter). I plan on using the Poem to start a Romance with Tanith, if Vrental knew he surely would not have helped. If Pen’Reail finds out I might be put at risk, thankfully I have employed a new swordsman, a master in the ways of bladework and shadows.

With Vrental’s poem, Lady Tanith will surely fall for me, especially since we have been growing closer over the past few years. Her husband spends much time away, and if necessary, I will arrange for his permanent leave from the Province. Hopefully I will not have to do the same with Pen’Reail, I feel as though the way he peers upon his sister might ruin any of my attempts.

-Vrental spoke on my behalf at a party I was unable to attend a few weeks ago. His words inspired several other counts to meet with me about problems I have been having with my neighbor, Count Klisak Krev. In return I agreed to help Vrental muster the materials to work on his Opera until the end of winter (Autumn/Winter).

Once the others meet with their Baron’s and Baroness’, my ploy to destroy Count Krev should manifest without too much bother. Then the Ruins on his land will be mine, I have reason to believe a Sword of Orichalum is within. With such a sword respect will be paid to me wherever I go. With the new glory of both the Province and the Sword, obtaining Title of Marquis should be sealed in fate.

Letter to Tanith Yvarai

Dearest Sister,

It is done. I have taken the Spring flower from her family’s arms in the midst of her revealing party. It was not easily done, but it was satisfying. When Alanya goes to find her precious daughter on the morrow, she will find only a finely crafted missive informing her of the price she must pay to recover her child. I still do not understand why you value Alanya’s shorelines or the locked box her husband keeps. In my own eye, the right to chose Cavala’s husband is the greater prize. Still, i do not need to understand… All I desire is the prize you have promised me for Cavala’s safe delivery. The seven kisses are sweet, but the eighth kiss… the Muse’s kiss… is the sweetest of them all. I long for the days of Spring to end so that we can be together once more.

I will greet you in a proper and devoted manner when I arrive at the Ruins of Tal Davari. Count Keether was inspired when he chose to hold his annual spring revel there. It will be breath taking when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It seems somehow fitting that we should be reunited at site once sacred to Talia Yvari. Perhaps through our deeds we can restore the sanctity of this once holy site… free it from the taint of the Elk and make it blessed once again.

I only hope that you can find some suitable distraction for your husband so he does not interfere in our business. I think, perhaps, some rumors of ork brigands may be enough provided the threat is suitably far away. I don’t care what mother said… he is unworthy of you. I can scarcely bear the thought of his hands upon you. I fear that one day I may no longer be able to control my rage. The further he is away, the more at peace will I feel.

Until we meet again, Your Most Devoted Brother,


Vrental Yvarai's Journal

After several months working on “Malicon jun VrenTae” I received invite to a party, Hosted by Count Kether Yvarai, but held in Lady Tanith Yvarai’s Puzzle House. Luckily I received word of such party at the beginning of the season, so I was able to task my newest flower, Uni’Sa, with collecting a gift for me.

When Francesca and I arrived, the party was quite drab. No one was having any fun, the obvious ransom for Cavala being held over the crowd I feel sucked the life from within. Uni’Sa came through with a very nice Wardrobe, in my favorite colors at that. I came prepared to show her my devotion by bringing one of the finest daggers my villagers had to offer.

Not long after arriving I decided to dance with Francesca to show the attendees not all had to be a loss due to the nature of the party. Being the party of the season, I felt as though I should show Uni’Sa what she was missing, while not by my side. Francesca followed every cue perfectly, and I believe I was able to Seduce everyone in the Crowd. Although in retaliation that beautiful fanged fox showcased one of the most beautiful dances I have seen with Count Kether.

During the presentation of gifts that Idiot Theron was able to prove his worth as my declared rival. His words could have moved me if not being distracted by his wreched voice. Even though I was able to secure a commissioned art for Count Kether by Aaron, I was out shown by Therons ability to garner a commission from both Count Kether and Alanya. He was able to outshow me for the rest of the party.

Uni’Sa tasked me with finding a Box for Count Kether, and after hearing my Cousin Pen’Reail tell me the thief smelled of Apple Blossoms and Lilac, I suspected Uni’Sa. Pen’Reail and I found her room, blooded, ransacked, and in the possesion of the Box. I turned the box into Count Kether, in the prescence of my cousin Lady Tanith, and asked Count Kether to inform Uni’Sa. I then decided to wonder the Puzzle House.

Shortly I found Azoth in a strange room viewing Cavala. Wyam shortly came in and took her over his shoulders. Azoth left hurriedly, and I followed. We were able to catch up to Pen’Reail, Tshanja, Alanya, and Count Kether. Then strangely enough, Wyam came around the corner with Cavala. What happened next moved me to inspiration and I had to stop to take notes for “Malicon jun VrenTae.”

Later Uni’Sa rewarded me with pages from Count Kethers Journal, which I will be happy to read in leisure at home. I was also awarded the 4th kiss, which also inspired me further. Before the last day of the party I had caught that Perverse Snake in the Grass Theron following Francesca to our room. With the help of “the Celestial Muse” I prompted a game of insults with Theron. After going back and forth he called enough, and walked away a “Studdering Fool.”

Vrental Yvarai's Journal

Francesca and I arrived fashionably late, as planned. My first goal was to find Azoth, to help lessen the burden on my Roadmen this summer. He was not available but his brother, Kyler, was early as usual.

Shortly after introducing Francesca to Alanya, having a polite conversation with Cavala, and dancing with the hard to get Tshanja, I found myself dancing with Kyler. He wished for his brother Azoth to win the poetry contest, so I pledged to give Azoth my beautiful masterpiece of a poem in return for Kyler’s special skills in the future.

I then masterfully traded the same Poem to Azoth in return for quelling trouble in my land til the end of summer. After that dinner followed.

During dinner I noticed a beautiful specimen name Uni’Sa arrive at the party, and retire quickly to the guest bedrooms. So during a short break before presents and dessert, I excused myself to smoke. Much to my delight I met Uni’Sa.

She quickly fell for my charm, showing me the Poem I had given to Azoth. Knowing she was not at the party, and that Kyler is her husband, I quickly conculded that he had stolen the Poem to prevent owing me a Favor.

Uni’Sa and I went back and forth for the remainder of the Party. Her romance for me must be stronger than her marriage with Kyler, for she quickly betrayed him to perform a task proving her devotion to our blooming love.

Theron made a fool of himself, as the idiot always does. Kyler’s plan backfired as the poem which he thought was mine, I assume, turned out to be a hideous rendering of words. Azoth was proclaimed the winner of the Poetry contest, securing both favors I had bargained for earlier.

Now, I must find a new task for my now blooming flower Uni’Sa. I hope the farewells tomorrow mourning find us all in good favor.


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