Vrental Yvarai

An Artist fluent in the ways of romance.



High Concept

Public Name: Vrental     Romantic
Secret Name: Ajurna     Art of Pleasure
Family Name: Yvarai, Blooded of the Fox
Titles: Baron of Lovelourn
Family: 1st Born, Son of Emanuel Yvarai and Rosa Steele, Baron and Baroness of Whells. 1 Remaining younger brother. Married to Francesca Steele, Blooded of the Elk. 2 Children, boys, Karone & Asper.
Three Truths: Always thinking of Romance, Dangerous Tongue, Great Artist


Strength Cunning Courage Beauty Wisdom Prowess
2 3 2 5 3 W


I: When trying to begin or continue a Romance “Knows how to Romance”
T: Easily Wooed “Why yes, I am interested”
C: Start a Romance, even if it ends another “Ah, new love, like a blooming flower”

The Celestial Muse
I: When Creating and Performing Art “My Greatest Masterpiece!”
T: When Risk does not involve Art “Sorry, I was distracted by the Art”
C: Ignore circumstances and take notes “Inspiring!”

Hidden Lover
I: When Hiding for the cause of Romance “My Heart will lead me through the Shadows”
T: When Romance is on the mind “Passion is brighter than the Sun and Stars”
C: Take any Risk to meet with my Romance “I must see my Lover at all Cost”

Words Sting more than Blades
I: When insulting someone “Your blade is weak, my words are Strong”
T: During Political Risk “My Tongue is dangerous and Wild”
C: Provoke Duel of Insults “You have no Class!”

Romance with Uni’sa Eshu. Current Rank 5, Potential Rank 7
I: Vrental may invoke this Aspect to gain 5 dice (equal to the Romance’s rank)
T: Others can take advantage of your feelings, gaining two dice when you are put in the position of having to act against your paramour.
C: Your Romance can also be compelled, forcing you to protect the Romance. Not necessarily your lover, but the Romance.


Suaven Devotion Blessings
Talia Yvarai “the Celestial Muse” 3 Befuddling Kiss, Enchanting Kiss, Invisible Tongue

Befuddling Kiss – When activated, this Blessing causes the subject to become confused and bewildered with an overwhelming tide of emotions. The subject gains an Aspect “Befuddled.” The effects last until the next sunrise.
Aspect: Befuddled
Tag: Your opponent gains dice in any contested risk requiring your concentration or attention to details. The number of dice equals (5) the Beauty of the Fox who kissed you.
Compel: You seem confused, not able to communicate coherently, distracted by something… something… something beautiful.

Enchanting Kiss – When activated, the ven can make the target feel the pangs of any emotion she deems fit —except love. It can be anger, jealousy, nervousness, or even heart-break, but none can cause a heart to feel untrue love… not even Talia herself.
This Kiss creates an Aspect that may be both tagged and compelled. “Jealousy,” “heart-break,” “envy,” “greed,” or any other appropriate emotion. The effects of this Kiss last until the next sunrise.

Invisible Tongue – The Blooded of the Fox are taught a secret language. A silent language. A language of subtlety and treachery. A language of promises that every heart understands.
Spend a Style Point. You may communicate silently to others with subtle body gestures and lilted accents in your voice. The person you are speaking to does not need to know the Invisible Tongue to understand your meaning.


Item Description or Style Banked
Favor Azoth Steele has pledged to Quell Trouble (1-2) in Lovelourn until the end of Summer
Favor Kyler Steele has pledged a Favor, within his skill set, without the Risk of Death
Mask Wooden Mask of the Fox painted Lavender, with eyes, ears, and mouth trimmed in Silver
Journal Pages Pages pulled from Count Kethers Journal, dated until the end of this summer. Found in a Puzzle House room from the end of Summer
Action Owed Owes Pen’Reail a spot of honor at Vrental’s next party


Name Rank Effect
Injury 1 Inflicts a Rank 1 Injury, wagers may be spent to increase this on a one for one basis


Artifact Description Mechanics

Contacts & Friends



Land of Romance


Name Type Rank Holdings Loyalty Security Progress Troubled Currently Producing
Castle Lovelourn Castle 2 - 2 0 - - -
Amourica Village 2 - 2 0 - - -
Fields of Amoure Plains 2 - 2 0 - - -
Lovelourn Estates Farm 1 - 1 0 - - -
Lovelourn Woods Forest 2 - 2 0 - - -
Majestic Peaks Mountain 1 - 1 0 - - -


Name Type Rank Loyalty Paid Aspects Season Actions
Francesca Steele Wife NPC / - - -
Staff of Castle Lovelourn Staff 2 2 - - - Improved 1 Season towards Rank 3
Lovelourns Black Roses Personal Guard 1 1 - - - Learned Maneuver Defense Rank 1
Amouricas Romantics Roadmen 1 1 - - -


Type Amount
Wine 0 -1 to Uni’Sa, -1 to Continue “Malicon jun VrenTae”, -1 to Paint “Ajurna”
Industry 0 -2 to order a Ring from Amourica
Food 1 -1 to Continue “Malicon jun VrenTae”

Season Actions

Resources Ordered – Wine x2, Food x1, Lumber x2, Stone x1, Village Rank 2 Gold & Ruby Ring (1/2)
1- Continue Opera “Malicon Jun VrenTae” (The Malice of Romance, 2/#)
2- Start a Painting “Ajurna” (Painting of Talia Yvarai, 1/2)
3- Improve Vassal, Staff, to Rank 3 (2/3)

1- Explore a New Region, Hills (Rolling Sunshine)
2- Improve Region, Plains (1/3)
3- Improve Region, Farm (1/2)
4- Improve Region, Mountains (1/2)

Lovelourns Black Roses
1- Learn Maneuver, Rank 2 Defense

Amouricas Romantics
1- Possibly Quell Trouble



Vrental struggles not to make Romance the main aspect of all his art. He has 4 favorite pieces, a Statue of a Man & Woman embraced in a Romantic Kiss, a painting of Asper handing a small girl a flower, and a short poem expressing the overwhelming feel of a kiss, all owned by Count Aaron Q’n. There is one more piece, one which Vrental only refers to as “The most brilliant sculpture of the female body every to leave his hands.” Truth is, no one knows where such a statue is and no one has ever seen a sketch or heard a voice that describes the female.

NPC Relationships

Azoth Steele, once helped take down a vicious Ork plaguing Castle Lovelourn when Pen’Reail was unavailable. In trade, Vrental wrote a compelling letter to Itterian Steele on his behalf. The letter was such that Azoth has often offered to kill the orks that plague Lovelourn.

Lady Tanith Yvarai, one of Vrental’s most favored cousins. Vrental has spent lot’s of time with her over the years, and she still has much to teach him about beauty. The close family relation between Tanith and Vrental has been a boon for Vrentals freind, and cousin, Pen’Reail.

Feyla Mwrr, a long time close friend of Vrental. Vrental often trades his poetry for small favors of rituals and sorcery. Their freindship slowly burned while Sojan was entertaining her heart. Now that Sojan ruthlessly broke her heart, Feyla and Vrental have been drawn closer together, possibly smoldering a long, barely burning coal of romance.

Fyx Mwrr, Vrental often trades poems, paintings, and other personalized artwork for a ritual casting. This relation allows Vrental access to Serpent Sorceries he is not allowed to cast himself. Especially the Blooded Ritual.

Vrental Yvarai

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