Uni'Sa Eshu


Public Name: Uni’Sa    Power falls to the Beautiful
Family Name: Eshu
Titles: Baroness Uni’Sa Eshu of Zell, Blooded of the Fox

Three Truths
uses beauty to get what she wants
not afraid to get “outlandish”
Seeks power over anything else

Relation – Wife to Kyler Steele and shares in his passion for manipulation and secrets. Finds endless interest in Kyler since he has “yet” to fall for her manipulations of beauty, and knows he will be useful in her own conquest for power. Kyler is the closest she has ever come to having a friend.

Romance: Vrental Yvarai (Rank 5, Potential 7)
I: Vrental may invoke this Aspect to gain 5 dice (equal to the Romance’s rank)
T: Others can take advantage of your feelings, gaining two dice when you are put in the position of having to act against your paramour.
C: Your Romance can also be compelled, forcing you to protect the Romance. Not necessarily your lover, but the Romance.


Item Description or Style Banked
Dagger Rank 1, A reward from her lover
Sheath, for Dagger Rank 2, A reward from her lover

Uni'Sa Eshu

Alvathen Vrentae wildmage sphere