Tshanja Mwrr

Seeker of Knowledge



High Concept

Public Name: Tshanja     The Education of Experience_
Secret Name: Ecc     _Shanris Mysteries in my Heart

Family Name: Mwrr
Titles: Baroness of Azure Roza
Three Truths:

  • Has her father’s courage when searching ruins
  • Is sought by other Ven concerning matters of the Sorcerer Kings
  • Has yet to find a man who deserves her Wisdom

| ||||||
|=. 2 |=. 3 |=. W |=. 3 |=. 5 |=. 2 |


Academy Educated
I: When called on for Knowledge based Risk
T: Does not know the Real world from the Book world
C: Fascinated by the Unknown

Knowledge Conquers Fear
I: Bonus Dice to Courage when seeking Knowledge
T: Easily convinced to Search Ruins
C: Blindly face danger for Knowledge


Suaven Devotion Blessings
Tyran Bran 2 The Softest Spot, Serpents Kiss
Ashalim Avendi 1 The Cloak Deceiveous

The Softest Spot
This Blessing requires one Style Point as the ven observes his target. On his next risk against that target (be it ven or something else), the ven knows exactly where the weakness of an object or person lies. Even the weakness of an argument. Using this knowledge, he gains a number of free wagers equal to his Wisdom on his next risk against that target.
He can also reveal this weakness to another (watching a fight and shouting out the weakness to one opponent, for example), but the person he is communicating to does not have his complete understanding. Another ven can only gain half the devotee’s Wisdom in wagers (round up).

Serpents Kiss
Only a ven who is Blooded of the Serpent may use this Blessing. If the Serpent discovers he has been poisoned, he may spend a Style Point to negate the poison. Like all Blessings, this one may only be used once per Season.

The Cloak Deceiveous
It is said the Old Falcon would wander through his villages under a subtle disguise, testing his Roadmen and other vassals. A trick he passed down to his daughter, Talwyn Thorne, which she used to gain political strength for her family.
This blessing requires a cloak and a Style Point. The ven may disguise himself in a general way: a soldier, guard, innkeeper, etc. The blessing causes any to look upon the blessed as if he naturally belonged to the scene. That is, if he is disguised as a guard in a castle, the other guards would look at him as if he was supposed to be where he was, doing what he was supposed to be doing. The Cloak Deceiveous only lasts until the disguised ven takes off the cloak or tells a lie. Once he tells a lie, the disguise is over.


Item Style Banked


Name Rank Effect
Injury 1 Inflicts a Rank 1 Injury, wagers may be spent to increase this on a one for one basis

Sorcery & Artifacts

Ritual Name Description
Mimic Mimic the effects of an artifact
Ritual Name Description
The Eye Look upon an individual to notice blooded ritual or Orichalcum
Artifact Description Mechanics

Contacts & Friends

Kyler Steele


Azure Roza


Name Type Rank Holdings Loyalty Security Progress Troubled Currently Producing
Azure Roza Castle 2 - 2 0 - - -
Azure Roza Village 1 - 1 0 - - -
Rolling Roza Hills Hills 1 - 1 0 - - -
Azure Wetlands Swamp 1 - 1 0 - - -
Roza Plantation Farm 2 - 2 0 - - -
Azure Woodlands Forest 2 - 2 0 - - -


Name Type Rank Loyalty Paid Aspects Season Actions
Fangs of Azure Roza Roadmen 2 2 - - -
Staff of Azure Roza Staff 1 1 - - -
Spears of Azure Roza Personal Guard 2 2 - - -
Healer of Azure Roza Apothecary 1 1 - - -


Type Amount
Herb 1
Industry 1
Lumber 1
Metal 1

Season Actions


Tshanja Mwrr

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