Theron Tammel

Vrental's Artistic Rival



High Concept

Public Name: Theron     Daring
Family Name: Tammel
Titles: Marquis Theron Tammel of Kluy, Blooded of the Fox

Three Truths
Great Artist
Can not maintain a Wife or Romance
Only speaks to those he deems worthy

Relation – Always trying to 1up Vrental. Has attempted to Romance Francesca (Vrental’s Wife) many times.

Tshanja Mwrr – Former Romance

Great Artist
I: When Creating and Performing Art “I am a Great Artist!”
T: _
C: _

Words Sting more than Blades
I: When insulting someone
T: During Political Risk
C: Provoke Duel of Insults

Insult Aspect: Stuttering Fool, Rank 3 (Started at Rank 4)
Stuttering Fool
T: When Speaking in front of a Crowd
C: Stutter


Theron Tammel

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