Sojan Adrente

A charming young Wolf sits to your left, his eyes reach out across the room seeking Romance, you follow them only to find your wife, sister or lover with those same eyes staring back.



High Concept

Public Name: Sojan     Beauty Moves
Secret Name: Q’tar     Inspires Vengance
Family Name: Adrente
Titles: Baron of Zarva

Three Truths:
  • Women can’t resist him despite the trail of broken hearts he leaves
  • His Cunning Elk wife is content to let the boy play, especially when it can be to her advantage
  • He screams like a girl when orks are about

Strength Cunning Courage Beauty Wisdom Prowess
2 3 W 4 3 3


Bitten by the Fox
I: When trying to seduce someone who is not a Fox “I was ‘taught’ the secrets of the Fox…”
T: When someone tries to seduce me ”... and I enjoyed it.”
C: To pursue a new obsession “My that is simply astonishing!”

Yvtavia Guardian of the Garter
I: When Defending a woman or her honor “I will not stand for that!”
T: When she doesn’t want me to “I can take care of myself thank you”
C: To take up the defense of a woman or her honor “Do I give him chance to appologize?”

Lovers’ Pillow Talk
I: When I want to know something a lover could have told me
T: When someone wants to know something I may have told a lover
C: To share the secrets that my past Lovers have revealed to me


Suaven Devotion Blessings
Talvia Yvarai 2 Enchanting Kiss, Never Alone
Falvren Dyr 1 Beauty of Violence

Never Alone – This blessing allows the Devotee to start a second Romance while still engaged in a first. The blessing cannot be used if the Ven is already in two Romances and the effect last for as many seasons as the characters Beauty. If by that point if one of the Romances has not come to an end both do with devastating results (i.e. Heart Broken and Harsh Lover aspects)


Item Style Banked


Name Rank Effect
Injury 1 Inflicts a Rank 1 Injury, wagers may be spent to increase this on a one for one basis
Defend 1 Eliminates the injury on privilege or reduces the rank by the rank of Defend

Sorcery & Artifacts

Ritual Name Description
Artifact Description Mechanics

Contacts & Friends



Fields of Roses


Name Type Rank Holdings Loyalty Security Progress Troubled Currently Producing
Castle Oltha Castle 1 - 1 0 - - -
Pothra Village 1 - 1 0 - Yes Industry
Zavra Ath Plains 3 - 1 0 - - Wine
Zavra Lus Plains 1 - 1 0 - Yes Spices
Ulna’s Farm Farm 1 - 1 0 - - Food
Desud Forest Forest 1 - 1 0 - - Wood
Slupkar Mountian 1 - 1 0 - - Metal


Name Type Rank Loyalty Paid Aspects Season Actions
- Wife 3 1 - - -
- Staff 3 1 - - -
- Personal Guard 1 1 - - -


Type Amount
Wine 1
Spices 1
Industry 1
Lumber 1
Stone 1

Season Actions

1 – Quell Trouble
2 – Quell Trouble
3 – Wife to NCP

1 – Hire Senechall

Personal Guard
1 – Learn Defend


Sojan Adrente

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