Vassal, be awhile before he obtains the title "Seneschal of Lovelourn"



High Concept

Public Name: Montiago     Defender of Master
Secret Name: Sarcosa     Courage of the Castle
Family Name: Yvarai, Blooded of the Fox
Titles: Seneschal of Lovelourn
Family & Masters: Vrental Yvarai, Francesca Steele, Karone Steele and Asper Yvarai.
Season: Summer
Three Truths: Graceful, Polite, Smells of fresh Flowers


Strength Cunning Courage Beauty Wisdom Prowess
W 4 3 4 2 2


Art of the Party
I: Whenever Performing Actions during a Party “I am the Foundation of this party”
T: When not performing actions dictated by Vrental or Francesca “The Masters must not know!”
C: Bring me Wine, Bring me Food, Bring me Something! “Yes Master, Right away!”

I am the Ears of the Walls
I: When trying to overhear a conversation inside Castle Lovelourn “The Castle is my mistress, secrets and all.”
T: Always Distracted by responsibility, Tag when in Conversation “I really should be getting back to work.”
C: Snoop around guest and Listen In “I’m Sorry, I have to go take care of something…”

Loyal Servant of the Castle
I: When Defending Castle Lovelourn and the Inhabitants “None shall perish on my watch!”
T: When not inside Castle Lovelourn “I feel so vulnerable.”
C: Don’t leave Castle Lovelourn “I can not leave, the Castle is my home!”

Master Planner of Castle Lovelourn
I: When Creating Arts and Crafts for Parties at Castle Lovelourn “No! No! No! This Must be Perfect!”
T: When revealing his Art at a Party thrown by Vrental “I can not upstage Master…”
C: Try and win Francesca’s Favor “My Domina, It was you who inspired me!”

What’s Best for Castle Lovelourn
I: When trying to convince a Guest of Castle Lovelourn “I’m sorry, I believe this is the way you were intending on going.”
T: When Speaking to Guest of Castle Lovelourn “I’m sorry, perhaps you should ask my Masters.”
C: Lie to Master “Dominus, I am sorry for the confusion, I believe you said…”


Suaven Devotion Blessings
Talia Yvarai “The Celestial Muse” 3 The Black Kiss, The Goodnight Kiss, The Invisible Tongue
Manna Renay “Protector” 1 Hearthward

The Black Kiss – The ven’s lips must be Bloody (either by her own Blood or another’s) and she must know the true name of the target. Public, secret, family. She whispers his name, looking at him. The target ven must be in sight. She does not need to touch him to deliver the kiss, but… see the description below.
When she gives the Kiss, roll Beauty + Devotion (and any appropriate Aspects) whispering the target’s name. Target Number 10. He receives an Injury 1, plus wagers. If she actually kisses him, use the same procedure but add her Beauty to the Injury rank. .

The Goodnight Kiss – This Kiss sets the recipient to sleep until the next dawn. Nothing will wake him except a touch from the ven who originally kissed him.

The Invisible Tongue – The Blooded of the Fox are taught a secret language. A silent language. A language of subtlety and treachery. A language of promises that every heart understands.
Spend a Style Point. You may communicate silently to others with subtle body gestures and lilted accents in your voice. The person you are speaking to does not need to know the Invisible Tongue to understand your meaning.

Hearthward – When a ven writes sacred words on a door with her own Blood, no one may secretly enter. The ward warns the ven who used this ritual if anyone tries to enter the house without the owner’s permission.
As soon as any stranger of the house enters, the ven knows someone has violated the home and knows the intruder’s true name. All three names. Once the ward is broken, it must be re-drawn.


Item Style Banked


| Name |=. Rank | Effect |
| Injury |=. 2 | Inflicts a Rank 2 Injury, wagers may be spent to increase this on a one for one basis |
| Defense |=. 2 | Reduces an Injury 2 Rank’s, wagers may be spent to increase this on a one for one basis |


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