Marquis Abhaz Rusu

Friend to Pen'Reail's Father



High Concept

Public Name: Abhaz
Family Name: Rusu
Titles: Marquis of Kalin’s Vale, Blooded of the Bear

Three Truths
He does not act unless he has considered all possible outcomes
He has a long memory for wrongs and slights
He disappeared for 10 years and will not speak of where he was

Relation – Friend to Pen’Reail’s Father.

  • Tshanja Mwrr – Was visited by Abhaz at some point during the 10 years he was missing with an artifact to research
  • Sojan Adrente – Trained with him and his swordsman
  • Kyler Steele – Knows where he was during those 10 years

Marquis Abhaz Rusu

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