Lady Tanith Yvarai

Pen'Reails Sister



High Concept

Public Name: Tanith     Terrible Beauty
Family Name: Yvarai
Titles: Baroness of Pal Shari (the Bed of Roses), Blooded of the Fox

Three Truths
To know her is to Love her
She is as fierce and unyielding as the Storm
She loves her brother more than is natural or proper

Relation – Pen’Reail’s Sister.

*Vrental Yvarai – one of Vrental’s most favored cousins. Vrental has spent lot’s of time with her over the years, and she still has much to teach him about beauty. The close family relation between Tanith and Vrental has been a boon for Vrentals freind, and cousin, Pen’Reail.


Lady Tanith Yvarai

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