Kyler Thorne



High Concept

Public Name: Kyler     White Rose
Secret Name: Batroy     Death’s Visage
Family Name: Thorne
Titles: Blooded of the Falcon
Three Truths:
  • Wishes to kill his father before he learns of the his existance
  • Jelous of Azoth, for if it wasn’t for him he would be an accepted son
  • Only known as Kyler Steele or The Veiled Swordsman

Strength Cunning Courage Beauty Wisdom Prowess
w 3 4 2 2 4


Fear my Claws
I: When wielding his blade. __
T: When unarmed_
C: To bring fear into their hearts

By the Shadow
I: When performing a shadowy task

T: When surrounded by Ven_
C: To make himselfdissapear __


Suaven Devotion Blessings
Talten Steele 1 Elk outwits the wolf
Falvren Dyr 2 The Beauty of violence
Falvren Dyr 2 Teeth and Claws


Item Style Banked


Name Rank Effect
Injury 1 Inflicts a Rank 1 Injury, wagers may be spent to increase this on a one for one basis
Defend 2 Reduces a successful attack by 2 ranks of injury plus any wagers

Sorcery & Artifacts

Ritual Name Description
Artifact Description Mechanics
Devil’s Arm Hideous Blade lined with hooks and spines, employs a one of a kind sideway handle. Drink, Vulger (wings), Sharp

Lives in the world behind a mask or in the shadows, Kyler steele has made plenty bargains with him to trade places for days at a time, so long as he took kyler’s first name. He was able to become blooded of the falcon under his mothers name, by her arranging Fyx, a serpent with a fascination for drugs, to do the ritual.

Kyler Thorne

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