Francesca Steele

Vrental's Wife



High Concept

Public Name: Francesca     Conniving Flower
Secret Name: Corenilia     Courageous Flower
Family Name: Steele, Blooded of the Elk
Titles: Baroness of Lovelourn
Family: 3rd Born, only remaining sibling. Married to Vrental Yvarai, Blooded of the Fox. 2 Children, boys, Karone & Asper.
Three Truths: Conniving, More worried about Power than her husband, True to the Steele Name


Strength Cunning Courage Beauty Wisdom Prowess
W 5 2 3 2 3


Conniving Flower
I: During contested Risk against someone involved in a Romance “My Husband is quite the Romantic too…”
T: Any time Francesca is involved in a Romance “My Husband can surely tell…”
C: End a Romance Francesca is involved in “I am Elk, my heart should be cold”

Iron Heart
I: During a Duel against any male “Desire is your weakness!”
T: If you are not involved in a Romance “I am usually surrounded by Romance…”
C: Try and prevent someone from having a Romance “Your Heart should be as cold as Mine!”

I: In a Deal when something is expected to be given & received “The better end is always Mine!”
T: When trying to earn someones trust “Your actions are that of Elk.”
C: Whenever Francesca can gain an advantage, she will “The Elk always comes out on top”


Suaven Devotion Blessings
Talten Steele “The Iron Heart” 3 The Coldest Heart, Shadow Blood, No Secret is Safe from Me

The Coldest Heart – Calling on Talten Steele’s ruthlessness, not only are the Elk unmoved by sentiment, they are able to take advantage of those who are.
When another ven gains dice in a contested risk with you from a Romance or Art Aspect, you may spend a Style Point to cancel those dice.

Shadow Blood – While the other Houses bicker and argue amongst themselves, no House is more united than the Elk. Bound by a tie stronger than sorcery, they are united across the waters, across the mountains, across the forests, across time. With this Blessing, a ven can spend a Style Point to make any other ven a Contact. This grants the same benefits as a normal Contact, including Season action benefits.
If used during an adventure, the Blessing lasts until sunrise. If used during Season actions, the Blessing only lasts until the end of the Season.

No Secret is Safe from Me – Cunning is the virtue of seeing the plan within the plan within the plan. And the Elk are the masters of that game. In ven literature, their ability to predict their opponent’s moves sometimes borders on the supernatural.
When it comes time to make wagers in any contested risk, spend a Style Point. You may look at your opponent’s wagers before you make your own. Your opponent may not change his wagers after you’ve looked at them. You do not have to show your own wagers. You also cannot reveal your opponent’s wagers to other ven.


Item Style Banked


Name Rank Effect
Injury 3 Inflicts a Rank 3 Injury, wagers may be spent to increase this on a one for one basis
Defend 1 Reduce an Injury 1 Rank, wagers may be spent to increase this on a one for one basis


Artifact Description Mechanics
Swift Iron Brilliant Silver and Iron Sword found long ago by her great grandfather Swift, Spend a Style Point and Gain 3 Dice for the Strike Bid

Contacts & Friends



Land of Romance

Season Actions



Vrental’s Wife. She spends many nights alone while Vrental works on his “Masterpiece.”
Even though Marquis Theron Tammel is not as Romantic as some possible lovers, he is persistent…
Francesca loves her two boys, Karone & Asper. Karone takes after Francesca, and proves to one day be as cunning as Talten Steele himself. Asper tends to follow in his fathers footsteps, spending much of his youth in the fields, drawing pictures, and flirting with girls.

Francesca Steele

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