Azoth Steele


Public Name: Azoth    Not to be decieved
Family Name: Steele
Titles: Baron Azoth Steele of laetros, Blooded of the Elk

Three Truths
Has a ferious temper
Highly beautiful but dimwitted to a lovers needs
Slain orcs others could not bear the sight of

B-4 C-4 P-3 W-W

Relation – Brother and known rival to Kyler Steele. Will stop at nothing to beat his brother to power, but blood runs thick and no outsider to the family will impede on the divine rivalry between brothers for the heir.

  • Vrental Yvarai – once helped take down a vicious Ork plaguing Castle Lovelourn when Pen’Reail was unavailable. In trade, Vrental wrote a compelling letter to Itterian Steele on his behalf. The letter was such that Azoth has often offered to kill the orks that plague Lovelourn.
  • Sojan Adrente – ran away terrified on an Orc hunt with him
  • Pen’Real Sinjin – Azoth insulted Pen’Real by calling him an ork at a party. Pen’Real Called insult and Azoth was torn apart in the proceeding game.

Aspect: Brotherly Rivalry I: When trying to out do my brother T: When others aid his brother C: To try and one up my brother
Aspect: Renown Ork Slayer I: When trying to kill orks T: C:
Rank 2 Roadman


Azoth Steele

Alvathen Vrentae wildmage sphere