Aaron Q'n

Vrental's Biggest Fan



High Concept

Public Name: Aaron     Agressive
Family Name: Q’n
Titles: Aaron Q’n of Gerhu, Blooded of the Fox

Three Truths
Owns the Largest Art Gallery
Has been married 3 times
Accompanied everywhere by a Swordsman dressed in Black

Relation – Tries to Purchase all of Vrental’s Work. Has funded Vrental’s last 3 projects.

  • Kyler Steele – When Aaron found there was a piece of artwork of Vrental’s that he didn’t own he offered Kyler a great sum to retrieve it for him
  • Sojan Adrente – His third wife killed herself after being heartbroken by him.
  • Pen’Real Sinjin – Is also seeking the missing piece of art, a statue of his sister, who only his Sister, Vrental, and himself no about.

Aaron Q'n

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