Feyla Mwrr



High Concept

Public Name: Feyla     
Family Name: Mwrr
Titles: Blooded of the Serpent

Three Truths
She is heartbroken
She has turned to Count Kether to aid in her revenge
She is hiding a terrible secret

Relation – The latest in Sojan’s trail of broken hearts.

  • Vrental Yvarai – a long time close friend of Vrental. Vrental often trades his poetry for small favors of rituals and sorcery. Their freindship slowly burned while Sojan was entertaining her heart. Now that Sojan ruthlessly broke her heart, Feyla and Vrental have been drawn closer together, possibly smoldering a long, barely burning coal of romance.
  • Tshanja Mwrr – Knows her terrible secret

Feyla Mwrr

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