Alvathen Vrentae

Vrental Yvarai's Journal


After several months working on “Malicon jun VrenTae” I received invite to a party, Hosted by Count Kether Yvarai, but held in Lady Tanith Yvarai’s Puzzle House. Luckily I received word of such party at the beginning of the season, so I was able to task my newest flower, Uni’Sa, with collecting a gift for me.

When Francesca and I arrived, the party was quite drab. No one was having any fun, the obvious ransom for Cavala being held over the crowd I feel sucked the life from within. Uni’Sa came through with a very nice Wardrobe, in my favorite colors at that. I came prepared to show her my devotion by bringing one of the finest daggers my villagers had to offer.

Not long after arriving I decided to dance with Francesca to show the attendees not all had to be a loss due to the nature of the party. Being the party of the season, I felt as though I should show Uni’Sa what she was missing, while not by my side. Francesca followed every cue perfectly, and I believe I was able to Seduce everyone in the Crowd. Although in retaliation that beautiful fanged fox showcased one of the most beautiful dances I have seen with Count Kether.

During the presentation of gifts that Idiot Theron was able to prove his worth as my declared rival. His words could have moved me if not being distracted by his wreched voice. Even though I was able to secure a commissioned art for Count Kether by Aaron, I was out shown by Therons ability to garner a commission from both Count Kether and Alanya. He was able to outshow me for the rest of the party.

Uni’Sa tasked me with finding a Box for Count Kether, and after hearing my Cousin Pen’Reail tell me the thief smelled of Apple Blossoms and Lilac, I suspected Uni’Sa. Pen’Reail and I found her room, blooded, ransacked, and in the possesion of the Box. I turned the box into Count Kether, in the prescence of my cousin Lady Tanith, and asked Count Kether to inform Uni’Sa. I then decided to wonder the Puzzle House.

Shortly I found Azoth in a strange room viewing Cavala. Wyam shortly came in and took her over his shoulders. Azoth left hurriedly, and I followed. We were able to catch up to Pen’Reail, Tshanja, Alanya, and Count Kether. Then strangely enough, Wyam came around the corner with Cavala. What happened next moved me to inspiration and I had to stop to take notes for “Malicon jun VrenTae.”

Later Uni’Sa rewarded me with pages from Count Kethers Journal, which I will be happy to read in leisure at home. I was also awarded the 4th kiss, which also inspired me further. Before the last day of the party I had caught that Perverse Snake in the Grass Theron following Francesca to our room. With the help of “the Celestial Muse” I prompted a game of insults with Theron. After going back and forth he called enough, and walked away a “Studdering Fool.”


wildmage Vrental

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