Alvathen Vrentae

Vrental Yvarai's Journal


Francesca and I arrived fashionably late, as planned. My first goal was to find Azoth, to help lessen the burden on my Roadmen this summer. He was not available but his brother, Kyler, was early as usual.

Shortly after introducing Francesca to Alanya, having a polite conversation with Cavala, and dancing with the hard to get Tshanja, I found myself dancing with Kyler. He wished for his brother Azoth to win the poetry contest, so I pledged to give Azoth my beautiful masterpiece of a poem in return for Kyler’s special skills in the future.

I then masterfully traded the same Poem to Azoth in return for quelling trouble in my land til the end of summer. After that dinner followed.

During dinner I noticed a beautiful specimen name Uni’Sa arrive at the party, and retire quickly to the guest bedrooms. So during a short break before presents and dessert, I excused myself to smoke. Much to my delight I met Uni’Sa.

She quickly fell for my charm, showing me the Poem I had given to Azoth. Knowing she was not at the party, and that Kyler is her husband, I quickly conculded that he had stolen the Poem to prevent owing me a Favor.

Uni’Sa and I went back and forth for the remainder of the Party. Her romance for me must be stronger than her marriage with Kyler, for she quickly betrayed him to perform a task proving her devotion to our blooming love.

Theron made a fool of himself, as the idiot always does. Kyler’s plan backfired as the poem which he thought was mine, I assume, turned out to be a hideous rendering of words. Azoth was proclaimed the winner of the Poetry contest, securing both favors I had bargained for earlier.

Now, I must find a new task for my now blooming flower Uni’Sa. I hope the farewells tomorrow mourning find us all in good favor.


wildmage Vrental

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