Alvathen Vrentae

Letter to Tanith Yvarai

Dearest Sister,

It is done. I have taken the Spring flower from her family’s arms in the midst of her revealing party. It was not easily done, but it was satisfying. When Alanya goes to find her precious daughter on the morrow, she will find only a finely crafted missive informing her of the price she must pay to recover her child. I still do not understand why you value Alanya’s shorelines or the locked box her husband keeps. In my own eye, the right to chose Cavala’s husband is the greater prize. Still, i do not need to understand… All I desire is the prize you have promised me for Cavala’s safe delivery. The seven kisses are sweet, but the eighth kiss… the Muse’s kiss… is the sweetest of them all. I long for the days of Spring to end so that we can be together once more.

I will greet you in a proper and devoted manner when I arrive at the Ruins of Tal Davari. Count Keether was inspired when he chose to hold his annual spring revel there. It will be breath taking when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It seems somehow fitting that we should be reunited at site once sacred to Talia Yvari. Perhaps through our deeds we can restore the sanctity of this once holy site… free it from the taint of the Elk and make it blessed once again.

I only hope that you can find some suitable distraction for your husband so he does not interfere in our business. I think, perhaps, some rumors of ork brigands may be enough provided the threat is suitably far away. I don’t care what mother said… he is unworthy of you. I can scarcely bear the thought of his hands upon you. I fear that one day I may no longer be able to control my rage. The further he is away, the more at peace will I feel.

Until we meet again, Your Most Devoted Brother,



wildmage Kariel

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