Alvathen Vrentae

Count Kethers Journal


Pages taken from Count Kether’s Journal by Uni’Sa, and given to her Lover, Vrental Yvarai

-In return for a poem delivered from Vrental Yvarai I agreed to help Quell Trouble in 1-2 of his Regions until the end of winter (Autumn/Winter). I plan on using the Poem to start a Romance with Tanith, if Vrental knew he surely would not have helped. If Pen’Reail finds out I might be put at risk, thankfully I have employed a new swordsman, a master in the ways of bladework and shadows.

With Vrental’s poem, Lady Tanith will surely fall for me, especially since we have been growing closer over the past few years. Her husband spends much time away, and if necessary, I will arrange for his permanent leave from the Province. Hopefully I will not have to do the same with Pen’Reail, I feel as though the way he peers upon his sister might ruin any of my attempts.

-Vrental spoke on my behalf at a party I was unable to attend a few weeks ago. His words inspired several other counts to meet with me about problems I have been having with my neighbor, Count Klisak Krev. In return I agreed to help Vrental muster the materials to work on his Opera until the end of winter (Autumn/Winter).

Once the others meet with their Baron’s and Baroness’, my ploy to destroy Count Krev should manifest without too much bother. Then the Ruins on his land will be mine, I have reason to believe a Sword of Orichalum is within. With such a sword respect will be paid to me wherever I go. With the new glory of both the Province and the Sword, obtaining Title of Marquis should be sealed in fate.


wildmage Vrental

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