It is said that an Opera can only be as great as the characters portrayed within.

The Fates have blessed us with great potential, the cast has been drawn:

A Romantic Artist seeks to write his master piece, hoping to secure his name in history

A Wise Sorceress delves deeper into the lost knowledge of the Sorcerer-Kings

A Swordsman with words as sharp as his blade tries to hold onto his only love

A Shadow seeks those secrets you would do anything to protect

A Passionate Swordsman plays a dangerous game with the ladies’ hearts

We know how their stories start, in the Spring at a party celebrating a young lady’s coming of age. Each is present of their own accord but their fates will soon be interwoven for all eternity.

How our story’s end and the twisting path that leads us there has yet to be determined.

Will be a Wedding at Therons Castle, hosted by his Leige Lord, for his Lord’s Daughter.

-Lady Tanith’s husband will be unable to attend, and will invite Pen’Reail to escort her.
-Theron will invite Tshanja, and have a proper gift waiting for her.
-Alanya will task Sojan with guarding Cavala on the way to the Wedding, rewarding him with a proper gift.
-Kyler’s father will extend his invite to Kyler, since Azoth secured invite with Cavala. However Kyler heads out without a gift in his hands.
-Vrental’s Liege Lord is a Rival to Therons, and extends his invite to Vrental to spite the Wedding. He also sends Vrental with an approriate gift.

The Story will start at the edge of Lovelourn, for Vrental invites his friends to spend a few days in his castle before heading next door to the Province of Kluy.

How it will be remembered now lies in the hearts and minds of the Artists…

Alvathen Vrentae

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